Every Thursday at 6PM CEST time (it used to be at 7PM) we organize a Virtual Meetup.

All members are invited. Details on how to join are inside the community, in this post


This is a community for persons interested in Language Engineering.

For example, we discuss about Domain Specific Languages (DSLs), parsers, compilers, interpreters, editors, transpilers, code processing techniques.

At this moment it counts close to 300 members, including well-known practicioners, researchers, and professors from all over the world.

It is free, but access is restricted, for keeping a positive environment.


We are interested in creating better tools for better work. We believe this is something important, that is worth learning and doing.

We believe this means creating better languages, which allow to reason more easily.

We believe it means building tools to take advantage of those languages. From interpreters and compilers, to complimentary tools such as editors that help us better capture our errors, simulators to quickly experiment with ideas, transpilers to preserve the knowledge captured in a system and bring it to a new system.

We believe in Domain Specific Languages that allow heterogenous teams to work better together.

We believe in these ideas and we started a company to give ourselves a possibility to work on these ideas. We realized we are not alone in having these interests, far from it – people read our articles, create projects, share ideas with us. We learn from all of them and we wanted to get a place where we can talk to each other, learn together.

For these reasons we created the Strumenta Community, where we discuss how to create better tools for better work.

Strumenta is just Latin for tools.

our goal for creating this community

Over the years we grew a blog with tens of thousands of monthly visitors and a newsletter of over 10.000 subscribers.
They are people from all over the world, all sharing a common interest in Language Engineering.

They share with us their ideas, their suggestions, the projects they are working on. They ask questions, they ask for advice and they share it.

We have learnt a lot by these conversations but we think there is value in connecting all these people with shared interests.

We believe it would be useful to have a platform where we can talk to each other, and we are planning to create a forum for us all to meet.

Over time we could create specific content for this community, and learn from this experience how we can help the community get better organized.

This community will be always available only to people who are genuinely interested in these topics. We will monitor its health and prevent flames and toxic behavior.

Basically, we want to organize an ongoing “party” where to have discussions on Language Engineering. We will not let just anyone in: there will be no place for spammers, or for people insulting others.

That’s it.

We plan to start inviting some selected members soon, and then grow it over time.

Is this something you are interested into?

How can I join?

Fill the form below.
We initially had let people in small batches, but at this time we have exhausted the queue and therefore you should shortly receive an invitation.
We reserve the right to remove persons from the community, depending on their behavior within the community. So far we did not remove anyone and we hope things will remain in this way.

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