Editorial Board

Niko Stotz

Niko is a long-time expert in Language Engineering. He has worked on designing and implementing DSLs, first based on the EMF technologies and now mostly based on MPS. He is currently continuing his work on Language Engineering at Canon in the Netherlands.

Federico Tomassetti

Federico is the founder of Strumenta, a consulting boutique on Language Engineering and the founder of the Strumenta community.  He has got his PhD in Language Engineering studying between Italy and Germany. In his role as a Software Architect he helps Clients and Partners to assess their situation and identify the best option to solve their problem. He is very passionate about Language Engineering and he contributes to the community by writing articles, participating in Program Committees of different conferences, giving presentations and interviewing other actors in this field.

Paul Spencer

Paul Spencer is Head of Innovation at Khonraad Software Engineering. He was brought to Strumenta by happy serendipity after starting work on a couple of MPS projects. With ~25 years in the software development world but only a few months of language engineering experience, he volunteered to the board to represent the views of the novices and newbies. Likes: long walks on the beach at sunset Dislikes: getting shoes wet because it’s too dark at the beach.