May 5, 2022 - 6:00 pm CEST

Virtual Meetup – Alessio Stalla


Parsing legacy languages can be challenging because most of them were designed without following good practices for parsers, compilers and supporting tools. As an example, we can find macro systems that make it very hard to implement a high-quality parser. The SAS language is such a case.


Alessio Stalla is a Language Engineer who designs and builds languages and supporting tools. Most of the time, you can find him crafting textual or projectional editors/IDEs, static analysis tools or model-to-model transformations. Also, between projects, he writes articles on Strumenta’s blog about what he’s learned. He is also the lead developer of the open-source web application framework, Portofino. He contributed to ABCL, the Common Lisp implementation on the JVM, and marginally to the Groovy language. He knows the JVM ecosystem quite deeply and routinely and actively participates in the local Java User Group and follow several JVM development mailing lists. In the past, he has designed and implemented Java enterprise applications using a variety of technologies, including Spring and JEE applications, Alfresco customizations, Liferay portlets and extensions, Camel/ServiceMix, BPMN engines, and more.

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