May 12, 2022 - 6:00 pm CEST

Virtual Meetup – Jonathan Schneider


OpenRewrite is an Apache licensed automated refactoring engine that we introduced in a previous Strumenta meetup.
In this talk, we move beyond the initial set of OpenRewrite recipes that achieved the automation of major efforts like Java 8 to 11, Spring Boot 1.5 to 2.x, and the automation of many SonarQube like static analysis issues. We’ll be introducing early work and plans around how we plan to leverage scalable local control flow graphs and effects analysis to build recipes that require more code insight on hundreds of millions of lines of code.

We’ll also show how weakly connecting local pre-computed control flow graphs stored in memory on the public Moderne platform will realize inter-procedural effects analysis at a massive scale.


Jonathan is a co-founder at Moderne, working on automated refactoring that allows some of the largest organizations to mass fix their codebases at a scale of hundreds of millions of lines of code. Previously he built automated refactoring solutions at Netflix Eng Tools, founded the Micrometer project as a member of the Spring Team at Pivotal, and wrote “SRE with Java Microservices” for O’Reilly.

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