October 21, 2021 - 6:00 pm CEST

Virtual Meetup – Louis-Edouard Lafontant


Domain-specific modeling makes software more accessible and inclusive, leveraging the  expertise and knowledge of many instead of relying solely on technical experts, but it is still  lacking in adoption due to a lack of proper tools and modeling languages. In recent years,  projectional editing has proven to be a valid approach to creating and manipulating domain
specific languages (DSLs), as they enable language extension and composition, and support  various notations, making it highly inclusive and accessible. It enables anyone to participate in  the software development activities, as each may use the notations that they are most  comfortable with and most suited for the task. However, current solutions are heavyweight,  platform-specific, and suffer from poor usability.
To better support this paradigm, we recently introduced Gentleman, a lightweight web-based  projectional editor, which was demonstrated to be very user-friendly and effective for  modeling activities. With Gentleman, a model is built using concepts to define the structure,  and projections to define the visuals (syntax) to interact with the concepts.
This presentation will showcase Gentleman core principles and main features. We will create  an editor from scratch and cover concept definition, projection definition, and integration to  an existing application.


Louis-Edouard is a Computer Science graduate specialized in software engineering, with a  strong interest in human-computer interaction and the exploitation of dynamic environments.  He is an active member of the GEODES Software Engineering Research Group, and presently  he is a course instructor at the University of Montreal. His current research work lies in  modeling, which he is doing at the GEODES lab with his supervisor, prof. Eugene SYRIANI. This  research gave birth to Gentleman, which he is actively developing.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lelafontant/
Webpage: http://www-ens.iro.umontreal.ca/~lafontle/

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