March 24, 2022 - 6:00 pm CET

Virtual Meetup – Robert Deckers


To enable the people involved in a software development process to communicate and reason close to their area of knowledge, we are developing a method to formalize and integrate the knowledge of multiple domains into domain models and into specifications in terms of those domain models. A domain model captures knowledge about a domain and can be used as the underlying (meta)model of a DSL. People often perceive that domain modeling is an art, and requires years of experience. Modelers and domain experts gather around a whiteboard, and after some time, magically a model appears. With MuDForM, Robert Deckers breaks with this perception. In the last seven years, he has worked on MuDForM. MuDForM is a systematic approach in which knowledge stated in natural language is transformed into unambiguous models. It has an explicit metamodel and definition of method steps and provides many guidelines for those steps. Furthermore, MuDForM addresses some major issues of current domain modeling approaches. During this presentation, Robert will present the method and some examples. (Next week’s presentation will be about the MPS-based tool that supports MuDForM and the specification of model-based tests.)


Robert Deckers is an external PhD candidate at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He has been working on code generation, model interpreters and specification methods since 1991. He has developed and applied specification languages, modelling methods, and supporting tools. He has been active as an architect and consultant in architecture, domain modeling, and requirements at all organizational levels. Robert is the author of the book “DYA|Software, architecture approach for mission critical applications”. Robert teaches software architecture and domain modeling at universities and companies. In 2013, he has started his own company to devote himself to MDD, because “the world must understand that software development is about integrating knowledge and not about realizing technology”. More info is available at

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