April 7, 2022 - 6:00 pm CEST

Virtual Meetup – Walter Almeida


Low code platforms empower people to build applications with minimum or no technical knowledge. However, the applications that can be built are limited to the kind of applications a given low code platform was designed for, mainly data driven web applications. And the generated applications are limited to follow the built-in architecture and design.

Generative Objects pioneers the “meta low code” approach, rocketing the versatility and power of the original low code approach to a whole new level.

The meta low code approach empowers developers to have full control over the application meta-model and the architecture and design of the generated applications. The application meta-model is the high level, functional language that the low code platform is exposing to non-technical users to create applications in a low code way.

Developers can now :

  • Enrich and extend the original Generative Objects meta-model and associated generation templates, to extend the low code platform itself to meet their specific needs.
  • Create full new application meta-models, and associated generation templates. Developers can now literally create full-fledged specific low code platforms, to target any kind of application, design and architecture

Non-tech users can then use the specific low code platform, created by the developers

During this presentation, Walter will walk us through a full demonstration of the steps for creating a new low code platform using Generative Objects, exploring the self-reflectiveness of the platform (Generative Objects is modelled and generated by itself) that enables this META approach.


Walter has always been passionate about technology. After graduating as an Engineer in France, Walter worked for 13 years as a consultant developer and then architect, for various big companies in France, UK and Spain, before creating Generative Objects in 2010, with the intention to birth a technology that would accelerate the development of software, despite the overall negativity of the market at that time, judging that model driven development had failed and that L4G languages and RAD tools were the best we could get at. Since then a lot has changed and everyone is talking about low code platforms! From the start, the intention was self-reflectiveness of the platform, which is built deep in, known as the meta low code approach.

Three years ago, Walter decided to align with his deepest values of a more fair and connected world and decided to move away from focusing on big corporates (with a tenth of business applications built on Generative Objects), to open sourcing Generative Objects and putting the intention to be of service to empowers innovators and game changers to create a new range of decentralized online platforms that would power the emergence of a new economy and new ways to interoperate between humans, allowing for better distribution of wealth and encouraging the sovereignty of us all, individuals and communities.

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